About Central


Worship that appeals to the mind and heart, an extraordinary tradition of music, fellowship and educational programs for children through seniors, high expectations from church leaders, an extraordinary staff and opportunities for members to share and use their gifts to serve Christ in the world — all make Central a vibrant and exciting congregation. Enjoy our website. See what we have to offer you or your family. More importantly, come and worship with us, share in Central’s life as we seek to love and serve God.

Central’s Mission Statement

We strive to be a Christian congregation dedicated to a strong tradition of worship, committed to spiritual inquiry and growth, caring for one another and bearing witness to God’s love in the world.


Knowing that all community is a gift of God means that this community of God’s people is open to all. Because this worshiping community owes its existence to God’s gracious gift, Central’s members are open to these gifts and persons professing Christian love.

We affirm there can be no exclusiveness about the Body of Christ, and we welcome into membership persons who make public acceptance of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and we honor their ethnic heritage, national origin, age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation and social-economic standing. We encourage open participation in all areas of the life of our congregation.

Therefore, whosoever desires unity with God and with God’s people may come and share the mutual joy, hope and fulfillment of our Christian community of faith at Central Presbyterian Church of Des Moines, as we seek to do God’s will and walk in Christ’s shadow.